Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Intern year......completed!

---annoyed blogger isn't putting the right spacing in my it's all one long paragraph.... One year down! 5 more to go come on, let's be positive people! One down! Let's see, it has been a crazy insane year! It's gone by quick and slow, just depends on what season it was. We bought our first house, had our second son, and survived life. Job, accomplished :) I think I've finally adjusted to all the change. I have 'our days' down and am way less whiny about J working all the time :) I can pretty much do anything that needs to be done with the boys. Which is just by necessity when J works weeks of 100+ hours. Except swimming. And I'm not willing to attempt. L is doing great! Annndddd mom (me) is doing great with him too... I'm "over" the down syndrome- he's just my baby. And a super sweet one at that! V is a mess. Cracks me up, and pushes me to my limits daily, but I'm having a blast getting to raise him! Health wise, L is doing great! He's a big boy, and will eat just about anything! I'm kinda hating summer. There is no start or end to my weeks, just a never ending succession of days. It's hot, duh. Sunscreen is the worse thing ever. J has officially started 'primary call'-which stinks.... Seriously, every broken bone (plus a few other issues) that come in the ER while he is on call goes to him. I don't think it will be often that he's home, while on call- But that's just the way it is. This week was his first 'semi-decent' work week in i-can't-remember-how-long, and he randomly mentioned 4 DIFFERENT "hobbies" he wanted to start back up...woodworking, golfing, working out, and (I'm not even going to try to explain this) beer church. I kept my cool, and simply said no... Sweet hubby of mine, you have all the entertainment you need here at home.... Or you can find one that accommodates children... V's birthday party is this weekend and I've done a great job at not being prepared. The birthday party stuff stresses me out. With pinterest and all the party planning resources, I feel like children's parties are getting out of hand! I absolutely love them, but they are NOT for me...probably why God gave me boys... Anyways so I'm determined to be laid back about this. Pancakes and PJ's. No big nothing, just chill little get together with some pancakes. <-----repeat a="" abundantly="" actively="" am="" and="" at="" bed="" blessed="" by="" church="" clean="" cleaning="" could="" days="" during="" else="" extra="" for="" god="" have="" he="" him.="" himself="" house="" how="" href="" husband="" i="" in="" is="" it="" john="" last="" lately.="" lord="" luck="" m="" mansion....anyways="" mansion="" me="" more="" necessary="" next="" no="" nothing="" okay="" our="" participates="" report.="" reveals="" s="" seems="" self="" sleep.....="" small="" so="" stood="" struck="" sunday="" target="_blank" that="" the="" then="" thing....especially="" time="" to="" two="" unless="" use="" was="" when="" who="" wish="" worship="" worshipping="">


I had some help painting the playhouse today......

Okay, it was a naked afternoon (for V only!!) the pics of him are all super cropped- sorry!!!

That's all I got...yes, I have succumbed to really lame posts.... Happy 4th!

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