Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Golly

I mean for REAL, GOOD GOLLY these past 4 days have been horrible horrible horrible...with a very small amount of good things mixed in....
Update on the old/young little life of mine. My life is speeding by, I kinda feel like I have to sprint just to keep up with it!
V is growing, L is growing, I am trying not to grow, and I'm not entirely sure what is even going on in J's life :) That man is a rare vision in this house!
Now for storytime:
Friday was L's 6 month check up. He hadn't been acting like himself for the day and a half before and had had a low grade temp. At his appt his dr said it was probably just something viral and it would run its course. He got his 6 month immunizations, 3 shots and the rotavirus 'cocktail'.
That dang ole 'cocktail'
stupid cocktail
I'll just say, he attempted to swallow it but it went down the wrong pipe. Is there anyone to blame for this?
 No, I mean of course not, it wasn't anyone's fault and it certainly wasn't the nurse's :)
She was just in a hurry, doing her 'job' and not being thorough...
I should have stopped her, as soon as she started giving it to him,
since he was lying down flat.  
Recall: my baby cannot drink liquids of any sort sitting up, let alone lying flat on his back! And I should have stopped her, as soon as it became apparent he was choking. I should have stopped her, but I was afraid. I assumed she knew what she was doing, and was too embarrassed to call her out.... 
I will be the super annoying, over 'google'ly educated, make-you-double-check-every-little-thing-you-do/administer/give my child.
Well, enough ranting.
So nurse lady continued pouring poison down my babys throat... Until it was gone and I swiftly picked him up, patting him on the back to try and help ease his choking.
The. End.
Yeah right, I wouldn't waste your time with a pointless story that ended there. Okay soooo
We came home, I put the babies down for their nap and 2 hours later when L wakes up he is working pretty hard to breathe.
J is out of town OF COURSE, at a retreat an hour and a half away. So I call up at the drs office and ask if we could swing by quickly b/c the immunization he was given has him 'honking' with each breath.
L's airways are smaller than average so at this point, I was only upset that he was uncomfortable. I wasn't overly concerned, I just assumed his body was working up the cocktail so he could try to swallow it correctly this time.
The dr's office quickly called me back and told me to to take him straight to the ER.
So, I gather bottles, pacis, diapers, snacks, sippys, toys, blankets, wipes, and the never ending list of 'necessities' to occupy L and V for an unknown amount of time, load up the car and head up to children's ER.
While driving, I called J and gave him the 'you HAVE to get in the car and come home NOW' speech.
He obliged me :)
He also called his pediatric cronies and actually spoke with the ER doc to let them know who we were, what the problem was and that we were coming...okay, so it was a nice small perk of him being a doctor. I'll take it!
We arrive in our usual mess (recall our trip the library?!) and I cringed to let V down to entertain himself with all the toys covered in germs of the other sick kids. We signed in, waited a few minutes, and then was called back for preliminary screening.
I just knew this was going to be one of those pointless, yet expensive, trips to the ER where they send you home an hour later with saline drops (or something equally useless in fighting a sickness with babies)
But while the intake nurse was taking his weight, and L was continually working with each breath, she called on her walky-talky, hands free, device of sorts that she needed a room immediately for an infant in respiratory distress.
OKAY, now I started to worry 
The nurse picks up V and I pick up L and we were very quickly moved into a room in the ER.
SIDENOTE: Next trip to the ER, I am dropping V off at the zoo on the way. No, seriously, no more 'family trips' to the ER. 4 hours of entertaining him in a germ infested, serious room, was TERRIBLE! He is so so so so so active, and containing that child is near impossible.
Anyways..... After a series of breathing treatments, and suctioning, J arrived.
Don't know what I would do without him, even if I only get to see him for emergencies ;)
They took some xrays of L's lungs, and he got another set of breathing treatments before they decided to keep us overnight.
Let me just say that the xray machine for his lungs is the saddest little contraption ever. It looks like the clear tubes at the bank that you send stuff in to and from the bank teller. Only imagine a baby squished inside one with his arms over his head, wailing. It's so pathetic looking...
Around 9:30 J took V home to sleep and I stayed with L as we got situated in a room. The xrays came back showing pneumonia and the doctors had decided he had the croup also.
So it was a very long weekend of switching off with V while the other parent stayed with L. L stayed at the hospital until Sunday. When he got home, V started running a temperature and (surprise surprise) now has the croup.
Monday came and it was miserable. Both babies crying in pain, wanting to be held, coughing up lungs, needing medicine, bottles, food, hugs, holy moly I was NOT ENOUGH. Around 10 am I started calling J, begging J to come home...
This time, I wasn't as lucky as last.
That was a big fat NO.
He did eventually ask to leave early at...oh wait... 7:30pm... oh heavenly day-Monday was absolute torture!!!!!!!
Tuesday was a tad bit better for the boys but Tuesday night was a nightmare. I got a whooping total of 3 hours of sleep- not kidding. And I was literally just pacing back n forth between the boys' rooms. J eventually got up with me and it was just insanity at the house.
Wednesday, although I was exhausted, was a better day! V was acting more like himself and L's only lingering issues is just coughing. I'll take it!
Now for some pics...
Happy boy before he was drowned...

V watching the jungle book in the ER

John holding L after a breathing treatment...don't ask about his ridiculous outfit....

Sick baby :(

Other things...saturday is our 5 year anniversary! Crazy!
I have had such a fun month with my new business! I'm finally getting to add some more products and can't wait to do that officially!
I'm looking forward to the weekend (even though J is working once again....)
Love to all my peeps--

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Won!

I'm not even sure 'who' my vacuum strike was against...the checkbook?!...well, regardless, I won :)

I am the proud owner of a vacuum that works. It's nothing fancy, but it sucks ( funny) and that's all I need.

Now then, you can remind me, when I come posting about having no money, that I should vacuum my sorrows away.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Last week

We got to spend last week in North Carolina with my family! London flew into Little Rock just to hop in the car with me and the babies and drive 12 hours!

I'm so glad she was with me, or I would have had to pull over every three hours to feed L. That would have been miserable!! I'm so thankful she was willing to help!
We met my parents and other sisters in the mountains and spent the rest of the weekend there. We kayaked for my mother :) and it was more fun than I expected but more work than I expected too!
Then we drove to my parents house on Monday.
I got to spend a few days with this sweetheart!

And all my sisters! (I cannot post the one pic we took together bc we look so pretty...)
V had the time of his life chasing cousin K around all week.

He also got a heck of a bruise from running into the bed frame in our room....

And I got to bring back my moms serger and I'm sooooo pumped to get to play with it!!
Here are some more pics just from my phone

And then my dad drove us home from my parents, a very very very long 16 hours straight through....
And yesterday we dedicated L at church! I have pics on the camera that once I download to the computer, I'll post!
Hope all you mothers had a great mothers day!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boy oh boy

What a fun Day!
Thanks for inviting us to the pool today Syd and little B!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


After vacuuming our living room thoroughly, I've come to the conclusion that I'm on a vacuum strike, until we get a new one...
I'll let you know how it goes...

Or update you when the department of health comes and takes my children away bc my carpet is sprouting plants and animals...

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