Monday, April 8, 2013

10 strikes and I am out!!!

When John came home with another stomach virus Thursday night. I crawled into the fetal position and cried and cried and cried and called my mom... Then I threw whatever clean clothes we had into a bag and yelled goodbye to John. (Sorry Babe)!!! I had hit my limit. I had actually hit it last weekend with a great pity party on Saturday afternoon, so after a week full of no breaks and John working late, his new sickness did me in!!!!
We left first thing Friday morning and drive 10 hours to meet my mom in Knoxville. We stayed the night and drove to Wake Forest on Saturday. There are so many stinkin hoops to jump through to get us to my parents. Money, LONG car ride (16 hrs if driven straight through...which is obviously not possible by myself with a 2 year old and a 1 year old), and you need lots of time because it isn't a trip you can make for just a few days!
But I was so up for jumping through whAtever hoop even if it was on fire, just for some help! So here we are, in NC.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy birthday

He is 29 today
The daddy, the doctor, the money maker, the won't drink a coke bc of the sugar, but sweet tea's sugar is okay ;), the driver on the left side if the road is empty, and therefore the heart attack maker of mine!
He is the goofy guy, or so serious, there's not much in the middle for him. Most of his guidance begins with "when in Rome"...and I'm hoping that wears off before the boys are teenagers 😬!
He loves a deal and he hates to spend, I guess that's why we mellow each other out!! He is time manager of the year, with a plate always full, I don't know how he handles it all. He studies, and works, and barely gets in sleep, but lately, he is also fill in mom!
And add chronic toilet fixer bc a toilet is always broken at our house!!
He hates to get sticky and is scared to death of spiders, but most other critters he doesn't mind!
He loves the st. louis cardinals, and baseball is certainly his favorite sport! He's lucky the Rangers are next in his line!!!
He is the biggest advocate for our children, and makes me wish I was a little more bold!
He is so very special to me and the boys!! We would be lost in this world without him!!

It's been a rough couple of weeks on his schedule, and so we haven't seen enough of him. But I'm thankful that he's working so hard and noting alllllll the time he has to make up!!!
Happy Birthday Johnny!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blogger app

Umm how long has this been around?!?! So long blogpress, you NEVER worked for me!!
And since I'm posting anyways....
I just want to say that although I feel the need to "go socially public" with my pregnancy here at 12 weeks, I kinda hate the need to do this.
Not that I'm keeping it a secret (or want to), but I had a sweet friend who came to me, early in her pregnancy, after my miscarriage to let me know she was pregnant before everyone else knew. Her heart was in the sweetest place, taking caution and care in telling her friends who may experience some hurt or pain in pregnancy news. Each person handles things differently and feels different emotions, but if there was going to be any pain or jealousy in her news, it didn't even have a moment to take root. I felt so loved and amazed that she had to the courage to call me personally to tell me!
Anyways, that little story is just to say that I am very aware of the heartache that infertility and miscarriages can bring. And I'm so sorry.
This world is so full of hurt and pain, you need not look far to find it. But Jesus has the warmest embrace in that pain. I'm so thankful that this fallen earth is not where I'm spending eternity.
Sending love!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

12 weeks

Yep, we are having another baby, and today marks 12 weeks down. This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest so far! Not sure if its been the succession of sickness already in the house, or if it's just the pregnancy, but it has been quite a challenge. However, that being said, I am so grateful for this new little one! I had a miscarriage back in October, so the morning sickness has been a little comforting each day. We are praying and expecting a healthy little babe in October of 1013! So far, things look great!
If I could pick, I would pick a boy, and that means it will probably be a girl!! Which I will still be thrilled about! Either way, I am looking forward to finding out!!!
So that being said, we are having extremely lazy days around here!
My. Poor. Children!
I'm not exaggerating to say I'm on the couch all day long, I get up to feed and change diapers. We are in PJ's all day and the boys are barely getting baths...I'm praying that things let up in the next 2 weeks, or I may have an emotional breakdown!!!! (As if I haven't already 😉)
J has been EXTREMELY busy lately! Like all weekend, he was home for maybe 5 hours (sleep time included!) It has just been crazy for him! Which made for a slightly less "family style" easter, but as we all know the day was about Jesus' resurrection and really everything else is just pomp and circumstance (that I would have loved to have taken a part of!). But we did go see him up at the hospital, so here are pics of the boys on Easter! And just to make each of you feel better about yourself, I am showing you the disaster my house is in! (My mom will die!!!)