Friday, November 30, 2012

For John

Both boys are napping, and instead of doing laundry, cleaning house, or any other necessary chore, I am sitting down to blog. Only for you, John, ONLY for you ;)
Well....the boys are great! V is at a fun age where he seems to learn something new everyday. And L is finally getting to try table foods, so that has been a (messy) blast too!
V is off of his paci, and it was such a non-issue, that I still (2 weeks later) can't believe it wasn't any harder than it was. The only time I miss it is when he is throwing a TEXAS size tantrum and I can't cork him with it :) Other than being mad for the first 3-4 minutes, he's really done great without it. It is a wubbanub, and one of the awesome things about that is, he still gets to carry around the little giraffe for the familiar comfort his paci use to give him. Whoever invented the WUBBANUB was a genius! LOVE IT!
Okay, so we are off the paci, and also off the tv. As in, there has been no tv in this house for over a month now. No cable, not even a single channel. Honestly, I missed it for about the first week, and only at night when I wanted to watch one of my shows. But after that, I'm 30 thousand times more productive and I do like that. Side note: we still use the tv for dvds for the kids often! I'm not against tv AT ALL. But it was one small thing we could cut back on, and I kinda liked the challenge of it. So that's kinda cool. And one more note: this is sooooooooooooo NOT permanent. amen?!
What else is going on with these Harris'?....We did get back some stinkin precious Christmas pics of the boys! A sweet friend took them for us, while she was in town. I love them! I will try to upload some but right now, its been working on uploading 2 pics for 15 mins, so I'm not going to lie, it probably WON'T happen.
And...I've been keeping pretty busy with sewing projects. that's been awesome. Made a couple outfits, some bags, a dress, some Christmas hand towels and a blanket. Learned that I'm horrible at putting zippers in bulky material. BUMMER! But made some money none the less :) I am just loving all this sewing, however I'm so NOT good at the business side of things. Like I should totally be taking nice pics and uploading and redoing my website and adding my new stuff, but all I want to do is just sew. I need someone else to do the business side of it, and then I can just sit behind my machine! I'll get around to doing it myself eventually!
John is busy boy, with stories to tell all. Gag. Blood. Guts. Nastiness. He comes home with blood on him all the time, and the more there is, the better the story he has. PUKE! I'm just thankful he's enjoying it.
L is doing great! Crawling around everywhere, eating anything, and only giving me a hard time about drinking from a sippy cup. And that, I can handle! (not fix, just 'handle')
Vscares L on a daily basis. Usually by his scream/laugh, but sometimes from a simple-but-effective blow to the head. blocks, balls, dinosaurs, V isn't picky. And now that I have said that, I must follow it with the improvements V is making in his behavior! Really, he's doing great! I can take them both in a store without strapping them in, and I know V will (75% of the time) stay close and obey me. KNOCK_ON_WOOD!
Okay, nap time is over, I will upload/update more when I can! Love to my loyal readers :)