Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Back

I can't possibly even try to explain my absence...boys. therapy. snow. christmas. new machines. pity parties. no tv. lack of sleep. freezing my booty. no electricity. toddler training..... Let's just say its been a crazy fall/winter and leave it alone at that. Trust me, no one wants to hear my whinning soapbox!
Now, to today, we are cruising along here at the Harris household. V is talking more and more each day. L is pulling up and my guess is that he will be walking this summer (which would be HUGE!).
V is 2 and a half, and L is 14 months. I can't believe they are so big! And there isn't a baby in my house, which kinda feels strange.
I got an embroidery machine for Christmas! TA-DA! I love it! I'm learning a whole whole lot. Its kinda like learning a different language. Slightly frustrating at first, until you hit your groove. 
But back to kiddies, the boys had a blast playing together last night. I'm fairly certain, that its the first time in 14 months that V has not only allowed, but even enjoyed L touching him. So fun!
Okay, I know its short for being gone for so long, but....keep loving me :) I'll be back in a flash