Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Home

Has become a battlefield. There is a war that is raging.

that NO longer resembles the sweet precious child that I birthed 25 months ago

Terrible twos, you ask? Well, yes, I hope that's all it is.
It is a constant battle of wills, all day, every day.
First, most important, I obviously love this guy to death. I love that I get to spend my everyday with him. I only hope to remember REALISTICALLY what my days are like at this time of my life.
The weight of parenting bears down on me so much lately. I want to raise my kids into Godly men that are full of love, courage, strength, leadership, dedication, mercy, kindness, giving hearts, with a clear calling (not on their own, but God's call for their life), with humility, and tenderness, men that are 'not of this world', but clearly 'set apart', men who feel responsibility to take care of women, children, and the less fortunate, with integrity, and wisdom.... and I could continue on this list for hours.
Anybody else see how terribly overwhelming that feels?!?!?!
I know V is only 2, but his little heart is ripe and forming thoughts and character already. I just don't want to mess up.
But, I will, and I do, near daily :)
And I find myself relying on prayer more than anything right now....
Anyways so here are a few recent battles:
1) the sharpie marker
J uses one at work everyday, so they are all over our house. We have now had 3 run in's with the sharpie. The first one was not pretty.

On our couch, but I got over. He got a spanking, and time out, the end.
The second go around was when our sweet sitter was with the boys. I'm sure she was traumatized. She called me so apologetic and sweet about it. The damage was minimal.
And the hopefully-final play, was just last week.

I mean, he did some serious work. All while I was unloading the dishwasher.
Okay, moving on to
2)standing or walking ON L
3) stealing toys from L
Every time I turn my head
4)refusing to eat. Period. He probably averages 1 meal a day lately
5)pouring food out. Yep, on the ground, on the couch, carpet, etc.
6) Hitting, screaming, back arching, want to make me pull my hair out FITS
And I'm working my rear off to stay consistent, not give up, and continue to proceed with our predetermined consequences (all of which are no small things)
I think 80% of his day is spent up against the wall with little red thighs :(

But hey,

Love to all,
This jolly mom :)
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Future

Does anyone else get super excited and totally afraid of changes you just KNOW God is about to do? I am so there....
I am so sick of this world and all that it 'entices' (I'm not sure that's the word I'm looking for, but you get what I mean, right?!?!) It actually makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. The drama, the lies, the pull, the pretty things and cute clothes, the big houses, the excess, the sin, the money...
 I tell you what..... (when I'm not caught up in it myself :/ ) it breaks my heart, and makes me want to head for the hills. 
BUT, I can't leave this place, and that's not what God has called me to do. So I'm here, in Little Rock, trying to do the best I can at glorifying Him.
Forever grateful that I even get to try....

Just a few new pictures

We love us some free food.....

We had a blow out on the way home from J's 10 year reunion.....

It was sooooo hot and gross in the car off in the +100 degree heat...

But no complaints here :) sooo glad I've got myself a man to take care of such things!!!!


He's huge now!!! 9 months and the sweetest thing!

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