Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just when you thought you'd never hear from me again....

No strings attached, I have an update! No promises to if another one will ever is crazy. 
The Harris family is coming off a week long high of having daddy home for a staycation vacation! It was so nice. Like soooo nice. Like I never want to waste another vacation of his by having to travel somewhere! We hardly ever use free moments with him to just live here in Little Rock and do the things we never have time, energy, or effort to do. And maybe this felt extra nice bc I'm definitely at the 'losing my energy' point of the pregnancy....but seriously, we couldn't have had a better vacation in France! 
Here are a couple of pics from the week: 

No super special pics, but just his presence was so lovely. So helpful. So fun. So peaceful. Ugh, take me back!!!
It was also the boys first day at Mothers day out last week.  Well...V's first day back, but L's first day period! And as would be fitting per child, V wanted me to leave the second we entered his room and when I asked to take his pic, he turn around and stomped: 
And poor L was like a deer caught in headlights, not sure what all was happening....
Now, fall schedule is in full swing! Yay!!! We now cram bible study, Mother's Day out and community group into a full week of regularly scheduled therapy. I love having a full schedule! Keeps me off the couch and on my toes...and it makes time go by quicker! 
I'm a whopping 35 weeks and have a list a mile long of to dos before she gets here. Typical!
L is walking and V is potty trained..yes, he is!!!!! So what if I had to have my mom come down from North Carolina to do it for me?!?! I ran out of steam patience and will power and all you had to do was use the word "undies" and he was shaking his head no with arms flailing! The boy loved his diapers....but that pixie, know how to get through to his little heart. Hot wheels!!!! Don't ask me how much she spent, but I will say we have over 80 hot wheels cars in the house and the boy hasn't had an accident in a week!!!! Thanks Pixie!!!!
Other new skills in the house: wrestling. It must be just natural for boys because it wasn't taught, but V & L give me heart attacks daily while playing on the couch. It's amazing the roughness they display. I hate it. They love it. I have a video ill try to post later. They roll and pounce and laugh like they are having the time of their lives. Boys!!!! 
Okay it's bedtime!!! Goodnight! :)