Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've lost that bloggin' feelin'

Yeah, my writing skills are sub par these days, but I'm trying to at least give life updates....at least until some sizzle comes back to my keyboard.
In the mean time....
V had his first movie date this morning with B!

They lasted .5 seconds until they were dancing/talking/playing.

And then they occupied themselves for almost an hour before we were making a quick escape.

At some point during the hour, Sydney and I just looked at each other and laughed, while the monkeys moved all around the 3 ft radius they had to play.

Kinda insane, lots of work, but totally fun!

Other news: my house is a wreck! We finally got chairs for the backyard and are able to spend more time out in the back (yay for being outside in 90+ degree weather...not)

Not much else to report....counting down til J is done with this nasty rotation, so I can have a life outside of kids.... Watch out Little Rock, I'm about I be released....
Also, feeling abundantly blessed these days- with what I have and with what I don't have. My cup runneth over.... :)
I'll be back soon....and maybe with a better post :/

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How are we mid way through June?!

Holy cow, I don't know how June has snuck up on me!
I don't know why I feel so busy when my day to day stuff is nothing busy! I do have an ever-growing 'to-do' list, however!
Everyone under this household is currently well (knock on wood...) J has had a good week and was home by 6:45 on Tuesday!!!! We only have 2.3 weeks left of his trauma rotation! Can't wait!!
V is nothing but a mess:) slowly starting to "talk"...if I listen very closely I can hear -hello, bye bye, thank you, and stop. (it's about time, dear almost-2-year old)
L is eating solids finally, and he loves them!! He's great at eating the little dissolvable puffs.
Our therapy schedule changed for the summer and we have Fridays off! Woo hoo!!
V is still preferring a 'no diaper sleeptime' and does not let a single nap or bedtime go by without de-diapering himself if duct tape is absent from his waist...
I'm contemplating over committing myself to multiple events in the fall and I realllly want to. Hmmm
I really want to revamp the food system in my house. I told Sydney this afternoon while I handed V his French fries....so you could say I'm making strides...
I think it will be a very slow process but I'm hoping one day I'll look back and see big changes.
And just a few pics...

The boys!

One of those days where I turned around to a naked child hugging me...

Anddd I'll leave you with this guy :)
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


No great post...just thought it was time for one...sooo
I'm 27 now folks, I had a great birthday spent with my boys and Sydney and her little one! And J got home at 8, so I even saw him too! Now I have a fridge full of red velvet cake and beautiful flowers in my kitchen! Yay!!
The money maker is out of town...all. Week. Long.
So it's just me and the babies...we have bIG plans for the week, but I will tell you about them when if I survive through them...
Until then, I will leave you with this pic.

We are having issues keeping our diapers on so after days of changing sheets and cleaning up messes, he IS, in fact, covered in cute teal duct tape :)
And can I just say that it's the first night in 3 nights in a row that his diaper was still on when I got in bed tonight...victory in duct tape! I'm resting easy tonight! :)

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