Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017, what?!

Tap, this thing on?
I just might crank up the old blog. I’ve had entirely too much fun reading old posts and if I thought my life was a circus then....😳

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Okay, I have 10 minutes, so let's see what I can come up with...and no judging for my typos and misspellings......
Hello people! Y'all, life is good. Like this must be what it feels like to lose a ton of weight. The world is at my fingertips....L, my precious, is so very very very demanding. He is the greatest blessing I could ever hope or ask for, but I kinda think it feels like it would to raise Superman or Harry's just weighty. Does that make sense? I don't mean it in a burden since, but simply in a.....I don't know how else to put it, its just WEIGHTY. Not sure if that's even a word, but let's act like it is, I don't have time to look into it.
So back to my good life. L is in school 5 days a week. 5!! I'm feeling as if my head is coming out of a fog that it has been in for 2 years. Like I have been holding my breath underwater for 2 years straight, and I forgot that I even needed to breath. Life feels liveable. Maybe just maybe, I can do this thing. Maybe I can get through another week on earth. Maybe I actually want a little more time here than I did a month ago.....It's good and bad..... :)
Also, T is becoming about 5000x easier than she was as a newborn. She went to the nursery during bible study this morning and they said she was the easiest baby! Well, I never thought I'd hear that about a child of MINE :)
okay, heres some pics and then I have to go... im at 8 mins!
...that took way too long, so its all you get.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello all!
We have had a wild and crazy past 4 months! Sometimes I think so highly of myself that I think its only me, only my life is this crazy...bc no one else would survive this mess.....But then reality eventually sets in and tells me I am a little too full of myself and life is crazy for everyone. We are all freakin warriors to survive this 'post-tree-of-knowledge-eating-fruit' day. Seriously, Jesus, I'm ready.
anyways while I wait, I will give you an update on this circus family :)
First up, heres our newest sweetheart:

Labor was awesome and she's awesome. No more awesome than my other two, but still pretty awesome! She was born on Oct 16th and I honestly can't remember her stats...forgive me :/
And once she was here, it became abundantly and heartbreakingly clear that my little middle child needed more than I was able to give him. He is a little hurricane, and by little, I mean bigger than hurricane Katrina, and he leaves a trail of tears and destruction behind him.....kidding....kinda ;)
Love him to death, but he is a full time job. So he started going to preschool at easter seals full time, monday-friday....
And I may have filled the oceans with my tears having to make that decision.. GET A GRIP GIRL. I tried, but nothing was sticking. anyways, I have graduated from ocean making to more like little rivers. Its a good thing. He's doing great there and I only miss him every single second he's gone.....but ITS A GOOD THING. It is what he needed, what I needed, what T and V needed too! So now there's this big brother who will fight to the death to protect baby T from L, but wants nothing to do with her otherwise. haha, but I'll take it! L can NOT keep his hands off of her, and they are far from gentle hands. He comes running everytime she makes a peep, as if she's calling for him. He loves to try to pick her up the second I turn my back on them. He is just alllllll about his new baby sister. But, back to big brother, defender of the baby. He is doing great. He went through a super emotional stage when T came home and attention was only for necessities. But once L started preschool, V perked back up. He is definitely my little attention hog.....anddddd he's favorite word is mommy. Oh My Goodness, he says it about a thousand times a day and always in large clusters. There is no "mommy (insert waiting silence here)" its always always always "mommymommymommymommymommymommy.....". PHEW, I don't think John envies me being at home anymore ;)


...and the babe is waking. I'll update if I live through another day!
love to my peeps...if you are still out there....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just when you thought you'd never hear from me again....

No strings attached, I have an update! No promises to if another one will ever is crazy. 
The Harris family is coming off a week long high of having daddy home for a staycation vacation! It was so nice. Like soooo nice. Like I never want to waste another vacation of his by having to travel somewhere! We hardly ever use free moments with him to just live here in Little Rock and do the things we never have time, energy, or effort to do. And maybe this felt extra nice bc I'm definitely at the 'losing my energy' point of the pregnancy....but seriously, we couldn't have had a better vacation in France! 
Here are a couple of pics from the week: 

No super special pics, but just his presence was so lovely. So helpful. So fun. So peaceful. Ugh, take me back!!!
It was also the boys first day at Mothers day out last week.  Well...V's first day back, but L's first day period! And as would be fitting per child, V wanted me to leave the second we entered his room and when I asked to take his pic, he turn around and stomped: 
And poor L was like a deer caught in headlights, not sure what all was happening....
Now, fall schedule is in full swing! Yay!!! We now cram bible study, Mother's Day out and community group into a full week of regularly scheduled therapy. I love having a full schedule! Keeps me off the couch and on my toes...and it makes time go by quicker! 
I'm a whopping 35 weeks and have a list a mile long of to dos before she gets here. Typical!
L is walking and V is potty trained..yes, he is!!!!! So what if I had to have my mom come down from North Carolina to do it for me?!?! I ran out of steam patience and will power and all you had to do was use the word "undies" and he was shaking his head no with arms flailing! The boy loved his diapers....but that pixie, know how to get through to his little heart. Hot wheels!!!! Don't ask me how much she spent, but I will say we have over 80 hot wheels cars in the house and the boy hasn't had an accident in a week!!!! Thanks Pixie!!!!
Other new skills in the house: wrestling. It must be just natural for boys because it wasn't taught, but V & L give me heart attacks daily while playing on the couch. It's amazing the roughness they display. I hate it. They love it. I have a video ill try to post later. They roll and pounce and laugh like they are having the time of their lives. Boys!!!! 
Okay it's bedtime!!! Goodnight! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So much craziness

Life is so chaotic lately!! So much going on, so I'm attempting a quick update. 
1)I'm 24 weeks (seriously this is creeping by...) with baby GIRL on the way! Super excited and ready to get this child named....
2)John has been crazy busy lately. Good part: we are fully adjusted to it. Bad part: I'm sure it will now slow down and we will have to readjust. The part I hate: the change!! It's just as soon as we settle into something, his schedule changes and we go through "growing pains" for a I will be soaking in our contentment for now! 
3)nothing really new, just skipping through summer with lots of therapy (10x a week!!!) and trips to the zoo. 
4) V: we started potty training! (Finally!) I waited until he was literally asking to go potty even though he's never been taught. Worth the wait!! He does fantastic WHEN HE CARES. When he doesn't, he does horrible and it doesn't bother when I'm around, he's a trained rockstar! But when any other being is in charge of's not pretty.
And I now understand the whole potty training boys thing. It's almost less about the potty training and more about mischief created from anything that has to do with the new world of toilets, bathrooms, undies, etc. 
V has also been extra cuddly lately. It's great bc he's so busy that he's rarely up for hugs. Except lately he's constantly running in for big hugs an kisses! Love it! 
5)L: doing good! He is so close to walking! He's even taken a step, but only to fall immediately. He's standing up and walking everywhere, as long as he's holding onto something or someone. He just got some new kicks to help support his flat feet and low toned foot muscles. 
Don't they look so big!! He hates them (of course) but will eventually get use to them. He also got new glasses about a month ago, and they are so much bigger than his old pair! I'd show you a pic, but he hates them so much he pretty much refuses to wear I don't have a single pic with them on :/
6) V has also cut his nap out for the most part, and it's a very sad deal. He's soooo exhausted at night but won't sit still long enough to nap during the day. We have "rest time" while L sleeps, so that's nice, but FAR different from the total freedom I had when they BOTH napped. I guess it was coming eventually! 
7) my ten year reunion is on Saturday and I'm so sick and sad that I'm missing it. Trying to make it work was presenting about 30 thousand problems, so I was forced to stop trying. I intend to do a high school post this week, so hang onto your seat!! High school was THE time of my life. Better than college, better than life after college, it was the most fun and carefree time ever. Friends were in abundance, close family was around the corner, and I wish I could go back!!! Moving on....
8) recent pic of boys:
That's all for now!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summertime is here

Whoop! I have survived through the worst of this pregnancy :) I'm so very thankful that I am 18 weeks!!! We will find out what we are having June 3rd :) excited!
Summer is finally feeling like its here. We are getting to spend time outside and that is wonderful!!!!! Really, being outside is good for every human in this house :) 
Also, it's warm so V thinks he should be near naked all-the-time.  I don't really care, it only means less laundry for me ;)
L has really enjoyed climbing in the cabinet lately. He will dump all the toys out, just so he can get in. It was funny, now, it's just messy!!
Since my last post, the following has happened:
* I survived another 17 hour drive back home to Little Rock
* We bought a............minivan. Yes, we did. (Swallow pride and smile)  it's so practical, I can't imagine driving anything else at this stage of life for our family. V is in love with it. And John is so proud of it that it embarrasses me....yup!
* V is currently obsessed with pirates and dragons, and L is walking all around this house by holding onto something! I'm sure he will be walking sometime this summer!!
* andddddd John is on vaca the last week in may and we are meeting my family at the beach!! Wooooo!! I haven't been to the beach since our honeymoon 6 years ago! I'm prego and to be honest, hate the sun, but I'm totally looking forward to it! Hoping the kids allow something close to relaxation to happen, but I'm not holding my breath!!
*we had some sweet friends come visit a few weekends ago and it was so nice!!! Jarrett and I were really good friends in high school, and I have loved Haley since I met her (over 6 years ago!). They were so great to come and spend the weekend with me and my hooligans, and even John when he had a free moment!!
I told myself to be sure and get a pic of the 4 adults...and of course, totally failed! I hate it when I don't take pics. I ALWAYS regret it! 
* and I think I've hit all the high points! Until I have something to write about.....
:) :) goodbye friends! Happy summer!!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

10 strikes and I am out!!!

When John came home with another stomach virus Thursday night. I crawled into the fetal position and cried and cried and cried and called my mom... Then I threw whatever clean clothes we had into a bag and yelled goodbye to John. (Sorry Babe)!!! I had hit my limit. I had actually hit it last weekend with a great pity party on Saturday afternoon, so after a week full of no breaks and John working late, his new sickness did me in!!!!
We left first thing Friday morning and drive 10 hours to meet my mom in Knoxville. We stayed the night and drove to Wake Forest on Saturday. There are so many stinkin hoops to jump through to get us to my parents. Money, LONG car ride (16 hrs if driven straight through...which is obviously not possible by myself with a 2 year old and a 1 year old), and you need lots of time because it isn't a trip you can make for just a few days!
But I was so up for jumping through whAtever hoop even if it was on fire, just for some help! So here we are, in NC.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy birthday

He is 29 today
The daddy, the doctor, the money maker, the won't drink a coke bc of the sugar, but sweet tea's sugar is okay ;), the driver on the left side if the road is empty, and therefore the heart attack maker of mine!
He is the goofy guy, or so serious, there's not much in the middle for him. Most of his guidance begins with "when in Rome"...and I'm hoping that wears off before the boys are teenagers 😬!
He loves a deal and he hates to spend, I guess that's why we mellow each other out!! He is time manager of the year, with a plate always full, I don't know how he handles it all. He studies, and works, and barely gets in sleep, but lately, he is also fill in mom!
And add chronic toilet fixer bc a toilet is always broken at our house!!
He hates to get sticky and is scared to death of spiders, but most other critters he doesn't mind!
He loves the st. louis cardinals, and baseball is certainly his favorite sport! He's lucky the Rangers are next in his line!!!
He is the biggest advocate for our children, and makes me wish I was a little more bold!
He is so very special to me and the boys!! We would be lost in this world without him!!

It's been a rough couple of weeks on his schedule, and so we haven't seen enough of him. But I'm thankful that he's working so hard and noting alllllll the time he has to make up!!!
Happy Birthday Johnny!!!