Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Harris Family

Happy Fall!! This family is crazy busy, and also not so busy, but most importantly, we are doing great!
I STINK at being consistent in updating .....sorry friends.
Moving on.....
Let's start with the head honcho- The big man, is doing good. Staying busy, like usual. He is working up at the Children's hospital right now, and loves it. He is also doing......wait....nothing. Yep, he's busy enough as is, no time for anything else. So. that makes for an easy update!
Me? I'm doing good! SO ridiculously happy that the fall schedule is here, with bible studies, community group, new tv shows, and less heat, how could I not be good?!?!
However, it has been a LONG week here at the house. I had a stomach bug friday night, V got it sunday night, and J kinda dodged it, but suffered minor symptoms tuesday night. BOO for the stomach bug. That was NO FUN. And thank the Lord, L made it through the week without ever getting it! YAY!! But, needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend (even though J works Sat 7am til Sunday at 7am).
I have been semi busy with some sewing projects, which is totally fun. I put off housework anytime I can, in order to sew :)
V is his normal sweet and sour self. We are learning boundaries, but he's learning to be a good sport about it (I think). He has been enjoying L a bit more lately. And he has LOVED the nice weather this week. He is outside as much as possible. Although he's a bit stong willed, he's oh-so-sweet when he wants to be. He still loves being held, doesn't know a stranger, and gives kisses by the dozen.
L is all sugar! Busy with therapy 6x a week, but doing great. We are oh, soooo close to sitting up, and I can't wait til he can go in a shopping cart without his whole carrier! He is doing a fabulous army crawl, loves to get his hands on his brother's hair, or my phone!  He had very minor surgery on his tear ducts about 3-4 weeks ago, and recovered well from it. Not sure exactly how successful it was, b/c there may be some scaring that has occured in the past few weeks. But regardless, he is doing great...and he's precious too.
So a lame update, but it had to be done, so that I can try (once again) to stay ontop of the blog!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mercy Project

Hey friends! Happy Labor Day!
I know I've been horrible about blogging lately. Life has been full! But today I wanted to post some info about a group called the Mercy Project ( that is working to end child slavery and trafficking in Ghana near lake Volta.
There is a large amount of poverty in Ghana and often, the mothers make decisions to sell their children to people who promise food, shelter and an education. But these children are not given all that, and instead they work 14 hour days, 7 days a week on the lake. They are lucky to be given one meal a day, and a dirty floor to sleep on.
Unimaginable, isn't it?! I can't even begin to imagine my boys living under those conditions.
But the Mercy Project is freeing their first group of children this month! They are not only working to free these children, but also to stop the cycle, by helping the villagers to learn sustainable, and efficient fishing methods. Working to fix the root of the problem, the Mercy Project is going to make a difference in Ghana.
I know we are all busy, but if you can, take 10 minutes and watch this documentary.

And then you can follow them on facebook
and on twitter
I, for one, can't wait to hear about the first group of children that are freed :) and I'm pretty sure you will too!

And I promise a life update on the Harris family soon!