Saturday, April 28, 2012

Made by Lady Harris

Okay folks, I have an announcement :)
(No, I'm NOT pregnant!)
Surely I don't need to remind you of my money tyrants, or great searches to find a way to make some extra money, or of my 'enter every sweepstakes I can find' stage...but I'm hoping this is exactly what I've been looking for!
As an early birthday gift from Marc, my bro-in law, I am in business!!!!
Inspired from an infant seat canopy I made my niece Hartley, he has bought me a domain, set up my website, paypal, facebook and everything! And Jade even got me super cute tags to personalize my items!
Yes, you should be jealous...
Right now, it mainly features the infant seat canopies.

Anyways, I have a new cute little online store at! And I need you to check it out! Like I said before, right now I only have up infant seat canopies and bow ties, but also with the option of custom made products.
I have been sewing since elementary school and have always loved it! I have made a ton of these infant seat canopies for friends and family lately...(only wish I would have taken pictures of each one!) I will say, I honestly have a lot of sewing experience. Not tooting my own horn, but just being honest ;) I have made all sorts of clothes me and for my boys, my nieces, baby bedding for V, curtains, pillows, bags, bows, and I could go on and on....
However, I am hoping to add more as I get more business. I can't wait to add bedding, clothes, blankets, and all kinds of accessories, but you gotta start somewhere right?!?!
I am not a sales person, like NOT AT ALL. But here is the deal with the canopies, I feel like I don't have to give a pitch to sell them. The thing is, if you have had a baby, you have messed with trying to keep blankets over the top while they are sleeping or to keep the sun out, and for numerous other reasons. The bottom line is that they are just so practical. So very useful!
So, go check it out!
And let me know what you think :)

(and buy one for all those prego friends I know YOU have)
.....aaaaaaaaaaand you could like on facebook too!!!! :)

P.S. My blog is staying personal, so keep reading even if you don't become a customer!!! I promise not to use my blog for a bunch of advertising and such...just wanted to let everyone know about my shop :)


Jalei & Lane said...

That car seat cover is adorable! I made one when Davis was born, but it looks pretty ghetto (I have no sewing skills). I will definitely check out your site. Congrats!

The Garners said...

Very cute! What a great idea! Do you read Kelly's Korner? She just did a link up for showing things that people make--thought you might want to add a link if you haven't already. :) I'll have to remember this for gifts! (have you ever made a Roman shade...I'm needing one but I've never tried to make one--they seem complicated. Let me know if you might be interested in that project?!)

Lady Harris said...

Thanks Jalei!

Jamie, GREAT idea! Thanks! I added my link to her list :)
I'm going to email you about the Roman Shade!