Monday, May 14, 2012

Last week

We got to spend last week in North Carolina with my family! London flew into Little Rock just to hop in the car with me and the babies and drive 12 hours!

I'm so glad she was with me, or I would have had to pull over every three hours to feed L. That would have been miserable!! I'm so thankful she was willing to help!
We met my parents and other sisters in the mountains and spent the rest of the weekend there. We kayaked for my mother :) and it was more fun than I expected but more work than I expected too!
Then we drove to my parents house on Monday.
I got to spend a few days with this sweetheart!

And all my sisters! (I cannot post the one pic we took together bc we look so pretty...)
V had the time of his life chasing cousin K around all week.

He also got a heck of a bruise from running into the bed frame in our room....

And I got to bring back my moms serger and I'm sooooo pumped to get to play with it!!
Here are some more pics just from my phone

And then my dad drove us home from my parents, a very very very long 16 hours straight through....
And yesterday we dedicated L at church! I have pics on the camera that once I download to the computer, I'll post!
Hope all you mothers had a great mothers day!
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