Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bedtime Tales

First off, lets just be honest. I stink at updating this blog. I want to be better... However, this update was prompted by Here we go!!:) :) :)
People, can I please take a minute and just complain. (good thing you can't answer me...)
UMM......I HATE having sick kids!!!! I'm so over this winter! We have battled, croup, RSV, ear infections, the stomach bug and numerous colds.....oh my dear, it has been a trying winter on this mommy!!!!!!!!! I'm over it. Sick kids are horrible. TRULY. I love them, but after the first cranky, whiny, coughing, runny nose, clingy, breath counting, rattle listening, up all night checking on them day.... I'm over it. I'm fairly certain L catches any virus within a 50 mile radius of him. Over it. totally over it. O_V_E_R_ I_T_!!!!!!!!!!
okay, that's all the complaining I have...for now ;)
We have moved V into a "big boy" bed and into L's room. I LOVE them sharing a room!!!! Its like they started forming a relationship when they started sleeping in the same room. Its sweet (sometimes) and funny others....and sometimes its scary! Most nap times and night times looks like this:

And sometimes like this:
but just the other day....I looked to find this:

WHOAA BUDDY, we have a problem!
I feel confident V wasn't trying to hurt him, just playing ....he never really got the whole "be gentle with the baby" from the beginning.
So, V can climb into L's crib, but he can't climb out, a slight problem. And, until recently he had done great waiting in his bed until we got him out, but now, Ive been awakened a number of times in the middle of the night by a little boy who wants to play. Not totally sure the remedy, but we will figure it out.
Here's a quick video of what playing looks like between these two:
and that is all I have for now..... Praying we make it to spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tasha said...

So cute!

The Garners said...

Hey! I'm sorry y'all have had such a sick winter. :( Hope spring comes soon and everyone feels better.

The boys are so cute playing together, and I love that they're sharing a room--sweet!

I thought of you last night when I got my sewing machine out of the closet to try to make an Easter tea towel. I could have used some help making ruffles! I have had so many compliments on those chevron pants that you made Alexee last fall! She's been wearing them with a different shirt all winter--love them! :) Hope you are having time to sew.

We'd love to play with y'all soon!

Jalei & Lane said...

They are so sweet together! It's nice that they're really bonding. I can't wait to move my 2 girls into the same room together.

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh. This is the cutest post EVER! I love that V gets into L's crib! MORE VIDEO!!

amy said...

Love <3