Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So much craziness

Life is so chaotic lately!! So much going on, so I'm attempting a quick update. 
1)I'm 24 weeks (seriously this is creeping by...) with baby GIRL on the way! Super excited and ready to get this child named....
2)John has been crazy busy lately. Good part: we are fully adjusted to it. Bad part: I'm sure it will now slow down and we will have to readjust. The part I hate: the change!! It's just as soon as we settle into something, his schedule changes and we go through "growing pains" for a bit....so I will be soaking in our contentment for now! 
3)nothing really new, just skipping through summer with lots of therapy (10x a week!!!) and trips to the zoo. 
4) V: we started potty training! (Finally!) I waited until he was literally asking to go potty even though he's never been taught. Worth the wait!! He does fantastic WHEN HE CARES. When he doesn't, he does horrible and it doesn't bother him...read: when I'm around, he's a trained rockstar! But when any other being is in charge of him.....it's not pretty.
And I now understand the whole potty training boys thing. It's almost less about the potty training and more about mischief created from anything that has to do with the new world of toilets, bathrooms, undies, etc. 
V has also been extra cuddly lately. It's great bc he's so busy that he's rarely up for hugs. Except lately he's constantly running in for big hugs an kisses! Love it! 
5)L: doing good! He is so close to walking! He's even taken a step, but only to fall immediately. He's standing up and walking everywhere, as long as he's holding onto something or someone. He just got some new kicks to help support his flat feet and low toned foot muscles. 
Don't they look so big!! He hates them (of course) but will eventually get use to them. He also got new glasses about a month ago, and they are so much bigger than his old pair! I'd show you a pic, but he hates them so much he pretty much refuses to wear them...so I don't have a single pic with them on :/
6) V has also cut his nap out for the most part, and it's a very sad deal. He's soooo exhausted at night but won't sit still long enough to nap during the day. We have "rest time" while L sleeps, so that's nice, but FAR different from the total freedom I had when they BOTH napped. I guess it was coming eventually! 
7) my ten year reunion is on Saturday and I'm so sick and sad that I'm missing it. Trying to make it work was presenting about 30 thousand problems, so I was forced to stop trying. I intend to do a high school post this week, so hang onto your seat!! High school was THE time of my life. Better than college, better than life after college, it was the most fun and carefree time ever. Friends were in abundance, close family was around the corner, and I wish I could go back!!! Moving on....
8) recent pic of boys:
That's all for now!!!


The Garners said...

The boys are growing so fast!

So excited for y'all having a GIRL! I know you'll sew all kinds of cuteness for her!

Kit said...

A girl! How fun - you're a 'girl' mom, through and through!

We will miss you this weekend!

Michelle Schuchard said...

LOVE the updates and cute pictures....miss seeing you!!

amy said...

Love the new pictures! Soooo excited for you to have a girl!

Speaker of THIS house said...

wow, you should let your husband grow that stache more often, he is really attractive!

- random blog reader person