Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It has been 13 days since I have had a working washing machine!
OHMYLANDS, 13 days!
And what if I hadn't kept up with the laundry completely before.....that means I have 13+ days of clothes from 4 persons.
We are waiting on parts that have been ordered. Now, everyone say "hooray" for ten year warranty on the EXACT parts that are needed. "HOORAY, HOORAY" Finally, a warranty that actually warrants something I need :)
I wouldn't suggest real snuggly hugs to any of my Harris' boys....or even me :) Although we do TRY to shower regularly, we are officially OUT of clean clothes.
I love you, dear LG washer, but my love is wanning as I wait out for some new parts for you...Please return with a fury.
Smell ya later-

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Carly Grace said...

bahahaha. Your writing style is great :)