Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello all!
We have had a wild and crazy past 4 months! Sometimes I think so highly of myself that I think its only me, only my life is this crazy...bc no one else would survive this mess.....But then reality eventually sets in and tells me I am a little too full of myself and life is crazy for everyone. We are all freakin warriors to survive this 'post-tree-of-knowledge-eating-fruit' day. Seriously, Jesus, I'm ready.
anyways while I wait, I will give you an update on this circus family :)
First up, heres our newest sweetheart:

Labor was awesome and she's awesome. No more awesome than my other two, but still pretty awesome! She was born on Oct 16th and I honestly can't remember her stats...forgive me :/
And once she was here, it became abundantly and heartbreakingly clear that my little middle child needed more than I was able to give him. He is a little hurricane, and by little, I mean bigger than hurricane Katrina, and he leaves a trail of tears and destruction behind him.....kidding....kinda ;)
Love him to death, but he is a full time job. So he started going to preschool at easter seals full time, monday-friday....
And I may have filled the oceans with my tears having to make that decision.. GET A GRIP GIRL. I tried, but nothing was sticking. anyways, I have graduated from ocean making to more like little rivers. Its a good thing. He's doing great there and I only miss him every single second he's gone.....but ITS A GOOD THING. It is what he needed, what I needed, what T and V needed too! So now there's this big brother who will fight to the death to protect baby T from L, but wants nothing to do with her otherwise. haha, but I'll take it! L can NOT keep his hands off of her, and they are far from gentle hands. He comes running everytime she makes a peep, as if she's calling for him. He loves to try to pick her up the second I turn my back on them. He is just alllllll about his new baby sister. But, back to big brother, defender of the baby. He is doing great. He went through a super emotional stage when T came home and attention was only for necessities. But once L started preschool, V perked back up. He is definitely my little attention hog.....anddddd he's favorite word is mommy. Oh My Goodness, he says it about a thousand times a day and always in large clusters. There is no "mommy (insert waiting silence here)" its always always always "mommymommymommymommymommymommy.....". PHEW, I don't think John envies me being at home anymore ;)


...and the babe is waking. I'll update if I live through another day!
love to my peeps...if you are still out there....


The Garners said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys! Your baby girl is so beautiful--congratulations! And the boys--sooo cute and growing so fast!

Jade said...

Love this post!! Great to see you blogging again! Love you!!!

Jalei & Lane said...

She's beautiful Lincoln! I'm sure it will be a nice change to have another girl in the house.