Thursday, June 14, 2012

How are we mid way through June?!

Holy cow, I don't know how June has snuck up on me!
I don't know why I feel so busy when my day to day stuff is nothing busy! I do have an ever-growing 'to-do' list, however!
Everyone under this household is currently well (knock on wood...) J has had a good week and was home by 6:45 on Tuesday!!!! We only have 2.3 weeks left of his trauma rotation! Can't wait!!
V is nothing but a mess:) slowly starting to "talk"...if I listen very closely I can hear -hello, bye bye, thank you, and stop. (it's about time, dear almost-2-year old)
L is eating solids finally, and he loves them!! He's great at eating the little dissolvable puffs.
Our therapy schedule changed for the summer and we have Fridays off! Woo hoo!!
V is still preferring a 'no diaper sleeptime' and does not let a single nap or bedtime go by without de-diapering himself if duct tape is absent from his waist...
I'm contemplating over committing myself to multiple events in the fall and I realllly want to. Hmmm
I really want to revamp the food system in my house. I told Sydney this afternoon while I handed V his French you could say I'm making strides...
I think it will be a very slow process but I'm hoping one day I'll look back and see big changes.
And just a few pics...

The boys!

One of those days where I turned around to a naked child hugging me...

Anddd I'll leave you with this guy :)
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Jade said...

Love this post!! I'm glad V is starting to talk. Macy told me that L is saying dada too! How fun! Love you!