Monday, April 1, 2013

12 weeks

Yep, we are having another baby, and today marks 12 weeks down. This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest so far! Not sure if its been the succession of sickness already in the house, or if it's just the pregnancy, but it has been quite a challenge. However, that being said, I am so grateful for this new little one! I had a miscarriage back in October, so the morning sickness has been a little comforting each day. We are praying and expecting a healthy little babe in October of 1013! So far, things look great!
If I could pick, I would pick a boy, and that means it will probably be a girl!! Which I will still be thrilled about! Either way, I am looking forward to finding out!!!
So that being said, we are having extremely lazy days around here!
My. Poor. Children!
I'm not exaggerating to say I'm on the couch all day long, I get up to feed and change diapers. We are in PJ's all day and the boys are barely getting baths...I'm praying that things let up in the next 2 weeks, or I may have an emotional breakdown!!!! (As if I haven't already 😉)
J has been EXTREMELY busy lately! Like all weekend, he was home for maybe 5 hours (sleep time included!) It has just been crazy for him! Which made for a slightly less "family style" easter, but as we all know the day was about Jesus' resurrection and really everything else is just pomp and circumstance (that I would have loved to have taken a part of!). But we did go see him up at the hospital, so here are pics of the boys on Easter! And just to make each of you feel better about yourself, I am showing you the disaster my house is in! (My mom will die!!!)


Jalei & Lane said...

Congrats you guys! The 3rd was my hardest pregnancy too. Guess we're just tired out chasing after the other 2. Hope you star feeling better soon!

Julianna said...

Congratulations. That exciting news. Don't even worry about the chaos of the house. When we have the kids, I give up and it's a complete mess...I really think it's normal, but no one says anything about it. (or at least that's what I tell myself)
Also I'm reminded of your post of taking the kids to the library. Well, mine say they want to go and I think they understand the 'rules', but every time we walk in, they run and are loud. I get mean stares ALL THE TIME! You aren't alone!!!

The Garners said...

I'm just now seeing this! Congratulations--that is wonderful news. Praying for a healthy pregnancy.

Justin and Allison said...

Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!!! Hope you begin to feel better.