Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy birthday

He is 29 today
The daddy, the doctor, the money maker, the won't drink a coke bc of the sugar, but sweet tea's sugar is okay ;), the driver on the left side if the road is empty, and therefore the heart attack maker of mine!
He is the goofy guy, or so serious, there's not much in the middle for him. Most of his guidance begins with "when in Rome"...and I'm hoping that wears off before the boys are teenagers 😬!
He loves a deal and he hates to spend, I guess that's why we mellow each other out!! He is time manager of the year, with a plate always full, I don't know how he handles it all. He studies, and works, and barely gets in sleep, but lately, he is also fill in mom!
And add chronic toilet fixer bc a toilet is always broken at our house!!
He hates to get sticky and is scared to death of spiders, but most other critters he doesn't mind!
He loves the st. louis cardinals, and baseball is certainly his favorite sport! He's lucky the Rangers are next in his line!!!
He is the biggest advocate for our children, and makes me wish I was a little more bold!
He is so very special to me and the boys!! We would be lost in this world without him!!

It's been a rough couple of weeks on his schedule, and so we haven't seen enough of him. But I'm thankful that he's working so hard and noting alllllll the time he has to make up!!!
Happy Birthday Johnny!!!

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The Garners said...

Happy Birthday, John!