Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Umm how long has this been around?!?! So long blogpress, you NEVER worked for me!!
And since I'm posting anyways....
I just want to say that although I feel the need to "go socially public" with my pregnancy here at 12 weeks, I kinda hate the need to do this.
Not that I'm keeping it a secret (or want to), but I had a sweet friend who came to me, early in her pregnancy, after my miscarriage to let me know she was pregnant before everyone else knew. Her heart was in the sweetest place, taking caution and care in telling her friends who may experience some hurt or pain in pregnancy news. Each person handles things differently and feels different emotions, but if there was going to be any pain or jealousy in her news, it didn't even have a moment to take root. I felt so loved and amazed that she had to the courage to call me personally to tell me!
Anyways, that little story is just to say that I am very aware of the heartache that infertility and miscarriages can bring. And I'm so sorry.
This world is so full of hurt and pain, you need not look far to find it. But Jesus has the warmest embrace in that pain. I'm so thankful that this fallen earth is not where I'm spending eternity.
Sending love!!!!

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